Why we’re excited for October

There’s something about October in Canada.

There’s a nip in the air. Not enough to make you plug the car in. But enough to remind you that our short summer is over. For some of us, that’s a tough sip to swallow. But many of us ACTUALLY look forward to this time of year, and welcome the colder months.

There’s some reasons for that.

It’s time to get up early again and take the kids to practice (or stay up until midnight to catch some ice time in your beer league.)

Hockey’s back on TV.

Oh yeah, and the NBA championship banner will be raised right here in Canada. That’s a new twist. #WeTheNorth

And there’s another reason to add to the list this year: the first-ever Canadian Beer Day.

That’s right – a day dedicated to Canadian beer.

We can’t believe there hasn’t been one before, to be honest. But that’s being fixed on October 9, when the inaugural Canadian Beer Day will take place from coast-to-coast, starting with a special kick-off ceremony at Great Western Brewery in Saskatoon.

This year and every year to come, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving—Canadian Thanksgiving, that is—will be when we get to celebrate something as Canadian as anything we just mentioned.


And the great thing about October is it’s made for every kind of beer.

There’ll probably be a warm day or two just to mess with our heads before the snow really begins for real. Great weather for a cold one.

There’ll also probably be nights where you’d want to be beside a fire, perhaps with a nice stout.

Whatever you fancy, there’s a beer brewed right here in Canada for the occasion.

Raise a glass that it’s not minus-30 yet.

Raise a glass that your team’s not been eliminated yet.

And raise a glass that there’s a whole 24 hours devoted to celebrate something we all celebrate in our own way the rest of the year. But get to celebrate in a big way this year.

All you need is a friend or two and a Canadian brew. Stop in at your local bar, restaurant or brewery, or pick up a brew at your local store. Show your support for Canadian breweries, and the beverage that on so many occasions, brings us all together.


Amazing, delicious, Canadian beer.


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