We’re With Brew Take 2

While we’ve all been doing our part at home to keep our curve flat, our amazing Canadian breweries have been busting their booties to make sure our beer isn’t. It’s been a long two months of this but the future is starting to look a little brighter!

Breweries across the land are still finding ways to struggle through the struggle and implement new programs like deliveries, creative partnerships, and crazy online house parties. But it’s not all sunshine and peaches, there have been a few casualties that will be sorely missed. With our help these fine folks do not have to suffer alone, we love them all. So let’s let them know it!

Just like our last cheers across the nation, we’re holding another virtual cheers to our malty heroes! We’re still here, we still have their backs, and we’re chomping at the bit to visit again. Personally, the only thing I want right now is to sit myself down in a tasting room and take part in some hilarious brewhouse banter with new friends and old.

So this coming Friday (May 15, 2020), join fellow beer loving Canadians from coast to coast to coast to, once again, post a toast to Canadian Breweries and all their hard work. Cheers, Slainte, and Prost on social media, to let our brewers know we’re behind them! Use hashtag #werewithbrew to connect with fellow supporters and hold our breweries up.

Mike Ansley, more commonly known as The Beer Rater, is a self-proclaimed Craft Beer-Evangelist. With his strangely tolerant wife, he can be seen reporting on beer all over the place, with a twist of humour.

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