Three Breweries for Hibernating Through Winter

It seems like the whole country has been held down by the icy maw of bristly old mother nature lately. Even though the ice, snow, rain, and cold comes every year, we never seem to be properly prepared. The good news is that we always have a safe haven in which to commiserate and wait out the storm – your local brewery!

Let’s face it, there are only so many sitcom reruns and movie marathons that we can stand before cabin fever sets in. Breweries across the nation have been helping out their communities by offering a warm seat and a cold beer. Here’s a list of three cozy breweries to hunker down in and keep your cockles warm:

  1. Fieldhouse Brewing Co. – Abbotsford, BC

    Fieldhouse Brewing Co. Image

    Since its opening in 2016, Fieldhouse has been the mecca of cozy enthusiasts. There aren’t many tasting rooms where you can sit by a fire wrapped up in a blanket, while sipping on your favourite beer and filling your face with a freshly made pizza. It almost sounds too good to be true.

  2. Rorschach brewing Co. – Toronto, ON

    Rorschach brewing Co. Image

    Although I haven’t been there myself, a number of local and travelling beer nerds recommend Rorschach as a cozy room to grab a brew. From the heavy wood and concrete features to the classy chandeliers and barrels clustered around the dining area, it’s the perfect spot to wait out a storm.

  3. Quidi Vidi Brewing Company – St. John’s Newfoundland

    Quidi Vidi Brewing Company Image

    This quaint little brewery is nestled in a beautiful little inlet at the historic Quidi Vidi Fishing Village. If you’re lucky to get there on a Friday night, you’ll get to take part in one of their legendary “Kitchen Parties”. In addition to the range of beer they have on tap, your soul will be warmed by friendly Newfoundland hospitality, traditional Irish music, and a great tale or two.

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