Raise Your Beer For A Virtual Cheers

We certainly are in the thick of some uncertain times. Never has the world collectively participated in a single activity together by segregating themselves from each other. How’s that for today’s dose of oxymoronic hilarity? Luckily, thanks to the interweb and social media, we don’t have to be alone in this, despite COVID-19’s best efforts.

We got into this mess together, and the only way out of it is together. We need to take the steps to make sure that these hard-working breweries will still be there when we get back. Breweries all over Canada are feeling the pinch, and we need to let them know we’ve got their back... figuratively speaking, of course, “Stay 2 meters back buddy!”.

Breweries across the nation are getting creative to get us our beer. This shouldn’t go unnoticed. We need to give them a shout out to let them know that even though we aren’t hanging out in their tasting rooms, we’re still there to support them.

This coming Friday (March 27, 2020) join Canadians from coast to coast to coast to post a toast to Canadian Breweries and their hard work. Cheers, Slainte, and Post on social media, to let our brewers know we’re behind them! Use Hashtag #werewithbrew to connect to fellow supporters and hold our breweries up!

Mike Ansley, more commonly known as The Beer Rater, is a self-proclaimed Craft Beer-Evangelist. With his strangely tolerant wife, he can be seen reporting on beer all over the place, with a twist of humour.

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