The Cure for Growler Overload!

Growlers, once the pride and joy of the beer industry seem to be fading away. I remember a time that I would showcase my collection proudly when my friends came over. Now they are either collecting dust in my pantry or discreetly displaying my wife's flower arrangements in the corner – neither of which was the intended use of these appended vessels.

Whether you still get your growlers filled, or if yours are sitting in the back of your cupboard, I know one thing is true: the growler overload is a real thing! It's time to stop hiding them away, reach deep down and find your inner upcycler. Put on that environmental hat and get crafty – there’s so many ways to re-use them around your home. And if you need some inspiration to get you going, here are a few great ways to re-use your growlers when you’re not filling them with beer:

  1. Flower Vase

    Growlers are the perfect compromise for displaying flowers in your home. If your partner is going to demand there be flowers everywhere, at least you can "beer it up" a bit and put your daisies in some brewery swag!

  2. Funky Lighting Fixture

    There are a number of tutorials for this online and you're bound to find one that works for you. Whether you go full DIY and create a wall sconce or throw some dollar store light strings in a growler, it'll add the perfect ambiance to your abode.

  3. Cool Looking Container

    Don't be a chump and store your smarties in a jar. If you have growlers you’re not using collecting dust in the closet, grab one and fill it with candy, buttons, lego figures, anything at all – you've now turned clutter into a beautiful talking point/accent piece.

Mike Ansley, more commonly known as The Beer Rater, is a self-proclaimed Craft Beer-Evangelist. With his strangely tolerant wife, he can be seen reporting on beer all over the place, with a twist of humour.

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