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Who are we? Why are we here for beer?

Here for Beer

Beer has been part of our culture since before Canada became a country. We share it at family gatherings, backyard barbecues, hockey games, on camping trips, at the lake. Beer brings Canadians together. That’s what Here For Beer is all about.

Canadians love drinking beer. We’re great at brewing it. Many communities across the country have a brewery that serves as a community hub, a gathering place, and a contributor to our local economies. Our brewers, barley farmers, bartenders and restaurateurs work every day to produce and pour quality beer that’s put Canada on the global beer map. What Canada doesn’t have is a place where Canadian beer drinkers can connect with other enthusiasts, share their passion through dedicated social channels, promote beer events, get exclusive access to news, contests, events, and festivals, and have a voice on issues that matter to Canadian beer drinkers. Here For Beer is all of those things.

About Beer Canada

Here For Beer is a community intended to be a central vehicle and voice for members of the Canadian public to come together over beer. It's supported by Beer Canada – a voluntary trade association that advocates on behalf of its members – makers of Canada’s most popular adult beverage – beer! It is made up of brewers who collectively account for 90% of the beer brewed in Canada. Beer Canada champions a strong domestic brewing industry and a healthy regulatory environment. From coast-to-coast, Beer Canada provides services and advocates on behalf of its members, the beer industry, stakeholders and the public to improve the marketplace for beer.

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