3 Breweries that (Strangely) Fly Under the Hype

With so many new beers flooding the market each day, we tend to forget about our old favourites — the tried and true breweries that seldom let you down.

There are just waaaay too many beers out there. Early in my beer writing career, it was relatively easy to stay on top of local releases. Watching the other provinces' special releases was a fun hobby to have on the side. But that was five years ago. And we’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Nowadays, it seems that at least 100 new beers come out across the nation every day. Staying on top of them is a pipe dream. Even if I were to try and taste the new releases at my local breweries these days, I would have to quit my day job and sign up for a liver transplant (not something I am willing to do, nor would I recommend!)

I’m sure everyone has their opinion about breweries that fly under the radar, but here are three of my favourite breweries that tug at my heart strings and are my go-to staples.

  1. Steamworks Brewing – British Columbia
    Starting out as a popular brewpub in Vancouver’s historic Gastown, Steamworks later opened a new production brewery in neighbouring community – Burnaby. Their Pilsner is more than often found in my fridge and as for hazy IPAs, they don’t get much more delicious than their Flagship IPA.

  2. Collective Arts Brewing – Ontario
    Any time you talk to someone about Collective Arts Brewing, the response is usually along the lines of “Oh man, I love their beer, I don’t know why I don’t drink more of it.” I have yet to find a beer by them that isn’t interesting and good. On top of that, the way they support emerging artists and musicians with their label art is nothing short of admirable.

  3. Unibroue – Quebec
    Owned by Sleeman-Sapporo, this Quebec staple continues to pump out quality beer. Unibroue has turned so many beer nerds on to beer since they opened in 1990 as one of Canada’s OGs in the microbrew scene. Although some may be intimidated by their big bottle sizes sealed under cork and cage, they should definitely be in more fridges and on any brewery hopping list.

Mike Ansley, more commonly known as The Beer Rater, is a self-proclaimed Craft Beer-Evangelist. With his strangely tolerant wife, he can be seen reporting on beer all over the place, with a twist of humour.

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